Angie Trussell, BSN, RN, NREMTP, RMT

Angie Trussell portrait

Holistic Healer, Life Coach

Angie’s journey to becoming a holistic healer began as a child. Suffering with migraine headaches and finding no solution through traditional medicine she continued to develop more illness as she grew into adulthood. Choosing a path in nursing and emergency medicine in an effort to gain knowledge about her illnesses and in an effort to help others who may be suffering from illnesses. After many years of exhausting every option modern day medicine had to offer Angie turned to holistic healing in an attempt to alleviate her symptoms.

Angie has found and witnessed such success through the use of holistic healthcare she decided to change careers and dedicate her life to helping people find the health and healing they have been searching and longing for. Through Angie’s extensive medical knowledge, personal experiences and holistic training she has been able to see each person for who they are, the potential they have and understand the obstacles standing in their path. By understanding these obstacles, they become easier to remove. By utilizing all of Angie’s experience, knowledge and resources she is able to work closely with each person to develop a unique path of health and healing that is right for them.

Angie comes from a long line of nurses, her grandmother, mother, sister and cousin are all nurses. So when Angie’s great grandparents started becoming ill and needed help the whole family moved back to Arizona to aid them.

Shortly after moving to Arizona Angie decided to continued her education and received her Bachelors degree in nursing. Angie truly loves learning and has continued taking classes that interest her and further her learning and her skills in helping people. Angie most recently completed her certificates in Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Aromatherapy along with her Reiki Master teacher training.

Throughout Angie’s life she has gained numerous skills to be able to meet people where they are, understand the current situation and bring clarity to the equation. Angie’s vast experiences of working in small towns hospitals and clinics to major metropolis trauma centers, world recognized ICU’s and even on farms has allowed her to view situations from a variety of vantage perspectives.

Angie truly enjoys helping people in the simplest way possible to allow them to live the life they have always dreamed of. It is always amazing what can happen when you are just allowed to voice your deepest dreams and desires.