Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Constitutional hydrotherapy utilizes simple applications of hot and cold along with gentle sine wave stimulation for treatment of a wide range of illnesses.

Where did Hydrotherapy Originate?

Constitutional hydrotherapy is a natural therapy developed by O.G. Carroll, N.D. in the 20th century as an adaptation of existing hydrotherapy practices combined with electrical stimulation for an efficient and effective therapy that has been the mainstay of Nature Cure-based practices ever since.

What does it do?

Constitutional hydrotherapy, as is implied in the name, is a therapy with whole-body effects as a result of manipulation of the cardiovascular and nervous systems and consequent effects on cellular metabolism, immune function, detoxification, nutrition, digestion, filtration of lungs and kidneys, etc.

The treatment is also inherently relaxing and will ideally place you in a parasympathetic state in which the greatest healing can occur.

The sine wave stimulation allows for gentle contraction of skeletal muscle as well as even gentler contraction of the smooth muscles of your organs and blood vessels. Sine wave may also be used to stimulate certain organs/areas of the body via nerve root stimulation.

What is it used for?

Physicians apply and prescribe constitutional hydrotherapy for patients with digestive tract issues, respiratory problems, infectious diseases, endocrine/reproductive issues, immune deficiency, circulatory diseases, as well as other issues.

What will my treatment be like?

Your treatment will consist of hot and cold towels applied in a specific manner to the area of the body between your collarbones and your hip bones while you are lying on your back. You will be comfortably tucked into wool blankets and will experience first a warm application in order to dilate blood vessels, relax muscle tissue, warm your body as a whole, relax you as a whole, and prepare your body to respond to the cold application which comes next. If sine wave stimulation is indicated in your case, it will be applied during the cold application and during the following neutral phase. Your body will heat up the cold towel during the short, cold phase. This is one of the goals of treatment and one indicator that your practitioner will use to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and the status of your body’s health.

After the treatment is applied to the abdomen, you will then receive the same applications of hot and cold on your back. There are variations to constitutional hydrotherapy that will be implemented and explained as needed according to your condition(s).

When is constitutional hydrotherapy applied with caution?

Persons with certain acute infections, acute asthma, greatly increased temperature, greatly decreased temperature, severe hypertension, severe or acute emotional distress, or any other condition deemed inappropriate by your physician may not receive constitutional hydrotherapy OR they may receive a variation.

Some conditions require elimination or cautious use of the sine wave application: pregnancy, menstruation, certain arrhythmias, cancers, blood clots, kidney dysfunction, and any other condition deemed inappropriate by your physician.

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