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PRP Breast Enhancement

Naturally and safely increase the size of your breasts, improve the shape to a more youthful look, increase your cleavage and smooth and tighten your skin.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is derived from your own blood and is injected directly into the breast tissue to enhance size and shape, improve cleavage, tighten sagging skin, increase nipple sensitivity, reverse inverted nipples and correct cosmetic issues resulting from aging breast implants.

Illustration showing potential benefits of PRP Breastlift

PRP Breastlift Q&A

How Does PRP Help with Breast Size and Shape?

The growth factors in the Platelet Rich Plasma promote healing, collagen production, elastin production, new fatty tissue and blood vessel growth. The new collagen helps to tighten skin, fill in wrinkles and stretch marks, smooth scars and shrink pores. The fatty tissue helps to create a smooth, even surface and the new blood vessels add a healthy glow.

Am I A Good Candidate for the PRP Breastlift?

If you want to dramatically increase your cup size, then this probably isn’t the procedure for you. While we don’t endorse surgical implants, they are still the only proven method of increasing the overall size of your breast by one or more cup sizes. What the PRP Breastlift will do for you is moderately increase the size of your breasts, improve their shape to a more youthful look, increase cleavage, reduce lumpiness, smooth your skin and increase sensitivity in the nipples (if desired). Normally, smaller breasted women are better candidates and will see the most dramatic results, but larger breasted women can see benefits as well. Especially in the upper tissue of the breast that is normally exposed at the neckline.

Women who have had breast implant surgery can see tremendous secondary benefits from the PRP Breastlift. Sometimes breast implants begin to sag and stretch, show minor scarring or simply don’t look quite right in certain spots. Likewise, if you have a desensitization in your nipples due to breast implants, then this can restore some of that lost sensitivity. Some women suffer from inverted, or “shy” nipples, in which case the area is directly injected with PRP and optionally Dermal Filler to help push them out.

How Long Does It Take?

The breastlift procedure is done in our office at Sunshine Health Care Center and takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes, not including the time to collect and process your PRP. Your Doctor will have a discussion with you about your expectations and what you feel you want to achieve with the procedure. She will then mark the areas of the breast to be injected, apply numbing cream and apply your injections accordingly. For uneven areas or areas that need to be filled (like inverted nipples or hollows left by implants), she will occasionally opt to use a natural filler called Juvederm®, however most of the procedure is done using your own PRP. While results are often seen immediately following the procedure, it takes between 8-12 weeks or more for optimal results, and can last up to 2 years.

How Many Procedures Does It Take?

Depending on the results you are looking for and the condition of the area being treated, PRP breast enhancement usually has a great outcome after one treatment, however, several treatments may be necessary in some cases.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

While the area is completely numbed using a topical anesthetic, there is some normal pain associated with being injected in soft tissue. Most women report it isn’t any worse than any other injections they have had. The key is communicating your tolerance for pain with your Doctor, and she will do everything she can to make you comfortable.