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Sexual Health

We can help improve and correct areas of your sexual health.

Why Is Our Sexual Health So Important?

Statistics and research show that a healthy, active and safe sex life promotes cardiovascular health, improves immunity, lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, increases libido, reduces anxiety and has a whole host of other physical, cognitive and emotional benefits.

The first thing you want to do is define what a healthy sex life is, and the honest answer to that question is that it’s different for every individual and couple. Whatever your ideal is, if it falls short of expectations, then there may be an underlying medical reason causing the dissatisfaction. If you believe that to be the case, then there may be treatment options to help.

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to have a problem to want to improve your sex life. In that case, Regenerative procedures for sexual enhancement can offer marked improvements as well.

Use these Questionnaires to Estimate Your Level of Sexual Dysfunction

Traditional Treatments for Sexual Health

Advanced Procedures for Sexual Health

Apollo Shot©

The Apollo Shot© for men uses PRP to increases sensitivity in the penis, regrows tissue lost with age, increases vascularity, improves erection and skin quality, and helps with sustaining erections.

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Athena Shot©

The Athena Shot© for women uses PRP to help naturally treat female stress incontinence and pain during sex, and it helps improve vaginal sensitivity, lubrication and orgasms.

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Vaginal Labial Rejuvenation

If you are concerned or self-conscious about the look of your vagina and would like to go back to the way it looked when you were younger, we can help with a natural treatment using Dermal filler and/or PRP.

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Nipple Re-sensitization

Sometimes due to breastfeeding, breast implants or age, the nipples lose sensitivity over time. Using PRP injections, we can help regain some of that lost sensitivity for a more pleasurable experience.

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