Naturopathic Medical Clinic
West Valley, Glendale, AZ

Patient Testimonials

Read some of the great things actual patients say about the team and care they receive at Sunshine Health Care Center.

First of all, these are the nicest people you will ever encounter. But here is my story: my shoulders were so messed up an [orthopedist] said "You need shoulder replacements." Told him nope, not doing that. Then I heard about prolozone injections. Had both done. Miracle! I mean, I'm not talking about two weeks later. I'm talking about IN THE OFFICE, right after the injections were done, right shoulder completely normal, left 50% better and that improvement continues. I still can't believe it. Jack

I just wanted to thank you again for all that you and your amazing staff did to help me with my recent car accident. Everyone was very professional and yet very compassionate and personable. I had been in constant neck and shoulder pain for approximately 5 months when I was finally able to receive the PRP treatment you had recommended, due to red tape and insurance issues. After that first session, which by the way, was virtually painless, I remember sitting up and you asking me how I felt and I turned my head and said that this was the first time in 5 months I had not been in pain! The ultrasound technician looked at you with wide eyes and asked "Can it work that quickly?" And, you said "Evidently! Everyone is different!" You had recommended at least one more treatment in three months, and depending on how that went it might be my last. So, of course, three months later I had another PRP procedure and it went as wonderfully as the first. It has been several months and I am happy to say that I have had no further pain and have been able to get back to my active life! I was extremely happy with how everything worked out and I continue to recommend you to friends, family and associates. Alayne V.

I received regenerative injection therapy for my injured ankle and it really worked to reduce the pain. I was walking on it within a few hours and it healed a lot quicker than it otherwise would have. Dr. Mitchell and the great team at Sunshine Health really did a lot to help alleviate the anxiety I felt about the injections. I greatly appreciate it. Dan S.

Your chelation therapy was successful twice over time in eliminating the vertigo attacks caused by rapid eye movements that precluded me from working. Thank you for your care and attention that you show to your patients. Michael H.

My past years of medical doctoring was unsuccessful in providing positive results. I just didn’t feel better. With Sunshine Health Care’s naturopathic intervention, including chelation therapy, I’ve experienced positive results and most important - I feel so much better! Onna J.