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A Breast Cancer Success Story

An Integrative Approach has helped to keep this woman Cancer-Free for over a year without Radiation treatment or Chemotherapy.

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Sarah has continued with weekly Vitamin C therapy for the last year. She also receives I.V. Chelation Therapy for Mercury Overload and Atherosclerosis of the Carotids. In early Spring of 2011, I ordered a complete body Thermogram for Sarah which also showed no signs of cancer or inflammation. BT Test, which is a test that detects and measures the levels of key blood serum-based protein bio-markers. These bio-markers are associated with breast cancer development and growth.

To increase the effectiveness of her treatments, Sarah has also been eating more alkaline foods, and is following a carefully designed supplement plan of 100 mg of DIM, 45 mg of Vitamin K, Minerals, antioxidant support, 800 IU of Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols, a high dose fish oil containing EPA and DHA Omega Three fatty acids, a high dose Vitamin D supplement and a comprehensive multiple vitamin.

It has only been one year and so we continue to be ever-watchful, hopeful and optimistic, but needless to say, everybody is ecstatic and elated at her response to treatments.

* Name changed for patient confidentiality purposes.