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A Breast Cancer Success Story

An Integrative Approach has helped to keep this woman Cancer-Free for over a year without Radiation treatment or Chemotherapy.

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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to share an inspiring story about one of my bravest patients. For over a year now I have been treating a 72 year old woman, we’ll call her Sarah*, who was diagnosed with Stage 2 Cancer of the right breast. The cancer had Metastasis to three Lymph Nodes and was Estrogen Receptor Positive.

At the time of Sarah’s diagnosis, she was under the care of an Oncologist who recommended a right breast Lumpectomy and positive lymph node removal. The Doctor also recommended Radiation therapy followed by Tamoxifen drug therapy for 5 years. It was a difficult choice, and after much deliberation, she opted for the Lumpectomy but refused Radiation therapy.

Seeking an alternative Naturopathic treatment option, Sarah turned to Sunshine Health Care Center. I explained that I could provide Adjunctive Supportive Care but I could not guarantee a cure, after which I referred her to two other Oncologists for second opinions. Upon consulting with the Oncologists, Sarah was convinced that she did not want conventional treatment. So, in the Fall of 2010, she returned to Sunshine Health Care to start an 8-week treatment plan that included 2-3 weekly High-Dose Vitamin C Intravenous Treatments.

After the 8-week series, I ordered a PET scan, and the results were extremely encouraging. There were no signs of cancer!