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Apollo Shot© and Size Gains for Men

One thing all men have in common is to lose penis size as we age. The Apollo Shot© combined with other methods can help you regain what you lost, and more.

Does size matter? The truth is it probably matters much less, if at all, to our sexual partner than it does to ourselves. Most men fall within the average sized category (which is why they call it average), but that doesn’t stop us from wondering. If you think you are small, then consider that the average penis size among men of all races is somewhere between 5.1 - 5.6 inches in length, and around 4.7 inches in circumference.

Men Lose Size as they Age

One thing all men can look forward to is losing penis size as we age. The reasons for this are numerous, but tissue and vascularity wane as men get older. Men also find it more difficult to achieve and maintain a strong erection like they could when they were younger. Smoking, diabetes, poor diet, low testosterone, and lack of exercise can all contribute to this. The end result is that we don’t quite measure up to our youthful selves.

Can the Apollo Shot© Help?

The Apollo Shot© is a new, all-natural procedure that will produce improvements in erection quality, skin texture, sensitivity, curvature of the penis (Peyronie’s disease) and even erectile dysfunction. The coolest part is that most men report immediate gains in girth and thickness, along with the size gained by having harder erections and tissue regeneration after loss due to the natural aging process. Multiple Apollo Shot© treatments beyond the first will improve this outcome. What the Apollo Shot© doesn’t do (by itself) is produce length gains beyond your own maximum length potential.

Don’t lose hope, though, because the Apollo Shot© does enhance other natural methods of size gain (such as pumping). The theory is that the penis is similar to muscle or skin tissue - if you work it out and introduce micro-injuries to the tissue, the body will regenerate and replace the injured cells with even more cells, thus increasing the mass and surface area. PRP releases growth factors that enhance and speed up this regeneration process. There are three main (safe) methods for increasing penis size:

  1. Penis pumps - used mainly for girth gains, this is a convenient and easy way to produce temporary gains immediately, and possible permanent gains over consistent, long periods of use. In fact, we provide a medical grade penis pump for your first Apollo Shot©. This is a necessary step to enhance the effectiveness of the platelet rich plasma in stimulating new tissue growth and repair. This should be used in conjunction with a lengthening method for best results.
  2. Manual stretching - used for both girth and length gains, the slang term “jelqing” describes gripping the base of the (lubricated) penis with the thumb and forefinger, and repeatedly drawing blood toward the tip, expanding and stretching the glans, Corpus cavernosum and Corpus spongiosum. This is only effective when your penis is between 40-80 percent erect, and once again, takes a consistent routine over a long period of time (six months or more daily) to achieve measurable results.
  3. Penis traction devices - used mainly for lengthening the penis, these many, varied devices are worn under the clothes and provide a constant tension that over time slowly creates micro-tears along the length of the penis. The theory is that the body fills in these areas with new cells, and thus your length (slowly) increases. These products can be expensive and sometimes difficult to use, but some of them have shown promising results in clinical studies. Penis tensioning devices are also recommended for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease, as the constant tension along with the restorative effects of PRP help to break up the plaque that causes curvature. If you are interested in this method, we can offer product recommendations during your consultation.

So, can the Apollo Shot© increase Penis Size? The Answer is a “Conditional” Yes

You can educate yourself further on these methods online - there is a plethora of material on the subject. The key to penis size gains is PATIENCE. It won’t happen overnight, and there are no miracle pills, products or injections that will change this fact. However, with the help of the Apollo Shot©, the proper routine and equipment, education and above all else, consistency over time, you can achieve a reasonable goal. Good luck!