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Quality of Life vs. Low Testosterone in Men

There are a number of factors that can diminish a male’s optimum health, and one of those factors is low testosterone, or “Low-T”.

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We Have a Treatment Program Tailored for You

Sunshine Health Care Center offers multiple treatment protocols for low testosterone that can be tailored to fit each individual patient. A Naturopathic physician evaluates the patient by means of a thorough consultation and physical examination at the clinic. We evaluate a patient’s dietary and lifestyle and its effects on the body’s own ability to produce testosterone naturally. For instance improving one’s sleep pattern through remedies or nutraceuticals can support the body’s on natural ability to produce testosterone.

We offer a number of programs through hormone replacement therapy to help sustain your vitality. Instead of having to rely on a medication, such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra, we can offer other option treatments, such as testosterone creams compounded at the local apothecary shop or the administration of weekly testosterone injections. Once on a program we monitor our patients continuously through monthly blood work and physical examinations to assure that the patient is being cared for safely.

Optimal Mens’ Health Equals Better Quality of Life

The objective is to promote the patient’s optimal health, which in turn supports, improves and maintains the patient’s quality of life. If one is proactive and takes advantage of the tools that are available to one is able to optimize their health and be able to reflect on their journey through life without any regrets.

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