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Do You Metabolize B-Vitamins Correctly?

The MTHFR gene tells the body to make enzymes to activate vitamin co-factors. This gene doesn’t always work as it is supposed to. We can help correct that.

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As one can see, the MTHFR gene is utilized in the body profoundly for biological processes in everyday life. Most vitamins you consume via food or supplement need the MTHFR gene for activation, and without it, the body will be deficient regardless of how wholesome and nutritious your food is.

Fortunately we can test your blood to determine if your body’s methylation is ideally working or whether you have a MTHFR gene mutation. If you feel low energy, depression, anxiety, or are suffering from heart disease, environmental toxins, infertility, neurological disease or many other issues, a MTHFR gene mutation may be the underlying cause of your issues. If this sounds like you, come in and opt to get tested. Assisting your body towards supreme health is our expertise and it is our honor to support.